How are you doing?

With StayWell, you will receive an all-round, personal analysis of your well-being

It's not always easy to find the balance between what others demand and what someone is able to cope with. Are the headaches I've been having caused by stress? Have I been more irascible of late because I haven't been sleeping well or because the atmosphere at work is hostile? Is there more tension in my social environment or is my financial situation proving a bigger burden than I had thought?

In situations like these, it's important to recognise the signals and not ignore them. The early detection tool StayWell can help promote and maintain your good health and well-being by examining different areas of your life, from medical and social factors to financial problems and issues with your job. StayWell then recommends a series of tailored measures that are simple to apply in your everyday life.

StayWell in four steps

The following four steps explain how StayWell works and how you can obtain your personal appraisal.

Confidentiality guaranteed

The information you provide will be treated in full confidence. The data is hosted on an external server and cannot be accessed by Helsana without your express approval.

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