Legal information

Helsana Supplementary Insurance Ltd (referred to in the following as "Helsana" or "we" is the owner of the software solution StayWell (referred to in the following as StayWell or "tool"), a tool used for the early detection of illnesses. StayWell has been developed and is operated by Health & Medical Service. By using StayWell, the user agrees to the terms and conditions set out below.

Purpose of a systematic early detection tool

A professional early detection system helps people regain their health and stability in life either on their own, with external support, or by adopting a plan of action tailored to their needs (case management, medical treatment, etc.).
The aim is to provide employers and employees with a tool that will enable them to better appraise and deal quicker with an illness or lengthy spell of sickness.


StayWell was produced with the necessary care and attention, and reflects the current state of the art. Our employees review and update the tool continuously. We cannot, however, guarantee that all the information given is complete and correct. We reserve the right to expand StayWell, and to modify or delete specific items of information at any time.

Data security

We make it possible for our customers and partners to use StayWell in a safe and secure environment. We are aware that our customers attach great importance to security when transferring data across the Internet. First and foremost, we undertake to protect all confidential, personal data. We take all reasonable technical and organisational precautions to prevent the unauthorised accessing of customer data and other unlawful data processing acts.

Data protection

The owner of the data files generated by the StayWell tool is Health & Medical Service, Uetlibergstrasse 132, 8045 Zurich. Where required, HMS undertakes to notify the Office of the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner in advance of the existence of all data files.
Your employer has purchased a licence for StayWell. StayWell consists of two parts: StayWell for Employers and StayWell for Employees. If your line manager elects to use StayWell for Employers, you have the right as an employee to know what data your superior has entered. Your employer must also inform you of the existence of the REPORT for employer.
HMS undertakes to ensure that your data and the generated REPORTS will be treated in strict confidence at all times and that they will not be made accessible to or forwarded to third parties without your consent. HMS also guarantees that your data will be processed solely for the purposes set out in the Conditions of Use/Declaration of Consent.
What data does the website store?
The data you enter on the website is not stored until you press the "Continue" button. A report is not created until you finish answering all the questions and conclude the process. Only then will you be assigned your ID reference number.


You use the Internet at your own risk. This applies equally to e-mails and to links that lead you to the Helsana website or to the links we offer you. We cannot accept any liability whatsoever for direct or indirect prejudice suffered by website users or third parties through any contacts or transactions established via the Internet. Liability is excluded in particular for transmission errors, technical defects, faults or interruptions of the network, illegal interference with network facilities, infection with viruses, copying and falsification of data and contents, network overload, failure to detect falsifications, possible lack of authorisation and blockage of electronic access by third parties, etc.

The StayWell tool contains links to third-party websites. The respective operators are solely responsible for the content of linked websites. Helsana can exert influence neither on the present and future design, nor on the contents of linked pages. Further, any links do not indicate that Helsana necessarily agrees with the content of the relevant sites. Third-party sites have been checked to a reasonable extent, so as to identify contents punishable under the criminal law or other infringements of the law. Links to illegal content will be removed as soon as we become aware of them. Helsana Insurance Company Ltd, Helsana Supplementary Insurance Ltd are responsible for the technical content of StayWell (questionnaire, personal report and measures), together with the content of the website.


Unless otherwise stated, the entire content of StayWell (text and images) is subject to the copyright of Helsana. Full or partial reproduction of the content of our website for public or commercial purposes is prohibited without our prior written consent. This website is intended for private use only, as well as for information purposes.

Effective date

These legal provisions were issued on 20 May 2015.